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Developer :

Psychose Interactive

Based in Canada & france


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Genre :

Survival Horror


Engine :


FOG engine


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Twitter: @teampsychose

Facebook: forgottenmemoriesthegame


Release date :

23rd april 2015 on iOS

31 October 2019 on Android



Forgotten Memories is a third person psychological survival horror game combining exploration, reflection, puzzles, action and survival where the gameplay is focused on fear mechanics.


A true spiritual successor of the greatest horrific games from the 90's like Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Alone in the dark.


Forgotten Memories is a classic survival horror game.  



Players explore dilapidated and darkened environments with only a flashlight. The entire gameplay experience focuses on proven catalysts such as: limited access to ammo, few save points, unpredictable enemies, and a hostile dark environment.  


Forgotten Memories evokes a constant sense of dread, interrupted only by spikes of high terror.  Feelings are induced through subtle manipulations of human psychological triggers, rather than predictable jump scares.



With its proprietary advanced 3D rendering software, Psychoz Interactive provides players with console-quality experiences on their handled devices. Forgotten Memories combines a deep psychological story, beautifully rendered environments, and smooth gameplay action into a fantastic horror experience.


Forgotten memories is a short-game about 3.5 hours of gameplay. 





On Forgotten Memories, you play Rose Hawkins a strong independent woman who’s looking for a young missing girl.

The Forgotten Memories universe features a number of complex characters.  Above all, it's the relationships between them that underpin the psychological drama and tension. 


Psychoz Interactive is proud to introduce actress Dawn Bournand, in role of Rose Hawkins.  Dawn is joined by the awesome talents of Clara Kundin, Kim Tilbury, Guy Cihi, and David Schaufele.


Ardent horror survival fans will recognize Guy and David from their signature roles as James Sunderland and Eddie Dombrowski in Silent Hill 2



"On Forgotten Memories, you'll play Rose Hawkins, a woman who is searching for a missing young girl named Eden. Rose wakes up wounded and in a strange place she doesn't recognize. While exploring the hallways of an old abandoned asylum to save a lost soul, Rose will find herself locked in a never ending tragedy; frozen in time. She will have to confront her deepest fears to unveil the mystery behind her terrifying investigation."



  • Classic survival horror mechanics

  • A deep narrative and climatic psychological horror experience

  • • Fantastic visual effects

  • Unique voice acting with Guy Cihi and Dave Schaufele from Silent Hill 2

  • • Smooth touch controls

  • No in-app purchases. We don't sell any weapons, ammunitions, or anything that will impact the game experience. You will be on your own ;)



  • iOS on the 23rd april 2015. 

    • iPhone 5s and higher, iPadAir, Mini2 or Higher.

  • Android on 31 octobre 2019.

    • Android kitkat​ or Higher

    •  GPU GLES3.0 or Higher




Launch Trailer (realtime)  More videos on YouTube




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Georges Paz

Founder, Director & Lead Programmer

Wilfried Marcadet

Producer, Art Director & Narrative Designer

Naddir Meridji
Lead Game Designer

Grégoire Gendron
Lead Animator & 3D Artist

Yann Beaufils
Lead 3D Artist

Francois Codourey
Founder, 3D Artist

Alexandre Berthaud
Music Composer

Alexis Friot
Sound Designer